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Whole Animal Processing - Beef

Forbes Meat Company specializes in whole animal processing. Whole animal processing is available through our online store. Once a purchase is made, we will schedule animal delivery and/or pickup. We have collected some information here that answers some frequently asked questions.

Typical Beef Cuts

FMC - Beef Cuts BW

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for a full animal harvest?

Included are all the typical cuts to the approximate weights listed on this page. In addition approximately 100-120 lbs of ground beef are harvested from an animal. All meats are packed in paper and ready for freezing.

How much space do I need to store a full animal?

Expect the need for between 12-15 cubic feet of space in a freezer to store meat from a full steer.

How long does a full animal harvest take? When can I expect my meat?

Once an animal is picked up or delivered, slaughter (if necessary), butchering and packing takes approximately two weeks.

How much does a full animal process for beef cost?

Harvest and processing is a flat fee of $200 + $1.20 per pound of hanging weight.


Approximate Weights and Measures

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